Take a Photo – It’s Only an Avocado

Name the pear shaped fruit that many people around the world use for making a dip to eat with tortilla chips___________. If your guess is avocado, then you are correct! In Mexico, the United States, and other parts of the … Continue reading

Food & Photo Adventure: The Baltimore Farmers’ Market

Perhaps it’s the recent crispness in the night air that has sparked my preoccupation with photographing and consuming all things vegetable.   Summer is the time of year I gorge myself on fruit in a manner that would make most tree-dwelling … Continue reading

Tonight’s Menu: Pelau

Pelau, or as it’s pronounced in America and other parts of the world, “Pilaf,” and in the Middle East, “Pilaw,” is a main staple on many dinner tables around the world.  Both Pelau and Pilaf recipes contain similar ingredients such as … Continue reading

Food Photography Basics for Large Events

Catered social events present some great opportunities for food photography. Buffets and display tables are full of dishes emphasizing eye appeal. However, the catering industry has not always concerned itself with plating, presentation, and making things look appetizing. In fact, … Continue reading